Territory, culture and traditions

Ichnusa Botega Bistro was born in 2009 from the idea of an IT manager Antonello Pranteddu who decided to bring his land’s tastes and flavours to landlocked Prague, where the closest sea is about 1000 km away. Antonello has handpicked the best local products and producers and brought them to Prague. Exclusive products like Cabras’ bottarga, Aritzo’s and Tonara’s nougat, Morgongiori’s lorighittas pasta or goat and sheep cheese make Ichnusa a unique restaurant in Prague appreciated by locals also for its fresh fish and seafood. Great Sardinian wines complement the carefully selected ingredients. Ichnusa has created a cozy family-like Sardinian atmosphere in a Central European capital thanks to many traditional details and materials - from cork to photos of Sardinia by Francesco Bencivenga and artworks such as the original “Dea madre” sculpture by Roberto Ziranu or the tapestry made form Patricia Urquiola’s drawings by famous Samugheo weavers using the "pibiones" technique.